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18th November 2009 Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University


Jet streams are regions of fast moving air. The reasons for their existence will be explored and their average distribution described. It is often suggested that jet streams cause the weather, but the relationship is in reality more symbiotic than this: weather phenomena occur in certain positions with respect to jet streams and feed back to maintain or change those jet stream patterns. Examples will be given of a number of recent seasons with anomalous weather and jet stream distributions. Finally, our current understanding of how jet streams may change as a result of human interference with the climate system (global warming) will be discussed.

Jet Streams in Weather and Climate

Professor Sir Brian Hoskins CBE FRS

Director, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial  College and
Royal Society Research Professor and

Professor of Meteorology, Reading University

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture
(Joint Lecture with Cardiff University)

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Cardiff University, celebrates the life and work of Lord David Phillips of Ellesmere (1924-1999), who studied physics at the University. Lord Phillips was a pioneer in the field of structural biology and became an influential figure in science and government.
A detailed biography of Lord Phillips, published by the Independent on 26th February 1999 is available here

"Light refreshments will be available for members in the Viriamu Jones Gallery from 6.45pm"