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Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University      

In this presentation Professor McGuigan will describe, with examples, the role of

‘chance’ (or serendipity) in drug discovery. Examples will be drawn from anti-bacterials

and anti-cancer agents and from his own work in antivirals. In the latter case, the accidental

discovery in Cardiff of a highly potent inhibitor of VZV, the chickenpox/shingles virus, will be described. The agent was in Phase 2 clinical trials in March 2010 and these should be completed by the date of this presentation.

Despite great advances in computation and rational drug design, serendipity continues to play a valuable role in drug discovery.

Drug Discovery: Stumbling and Sometimes Finding. The Story of Cf1743; the Most Potent Antiviral Drug Reported to Date.

Professor Chris McGuigan BSc PhD

Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University, Cardiff  University

12 th January 2011

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre