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The first part of the talk will outline the key principles of the LASER from an historical viewpoint, starting with Einstein’s paper of 1917 through to the working device of Maiman in 1960.

The development of the diode laser in the 1960s, using semi-conductors, is at the heart of present day information technology: DVD and fibre communications for example.  The second part of the talk will describe the vital role played by quantum mechanics in the progress to practical diode lasers.

All this comes from the intellect and imagination of people: individuals doing esoteric physics of seemingly little economic or social benefit, which others have translated into innovations which have spawned new industries.

18th November 2009 Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

Lasers: Principles, Progress and People

Prof. Peter Blood Bsc PhD

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University.

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture
(Joint Lecture with Cardiff University)

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture, sponsored by Cardiff University, celebrates the life and work of Lord David Phillips of Ellesmere (1924-1999), who studied physics at the University. Lord Phillips was a pioneer in the field of structural biology and became an influential figure in science and government.
A detailed biography of Lord Phillips, published by the Independent on 26th February 1999 is available here

There will be a small buffet reception in the Viriamu Jones Gallery before  the lecture,  starting at 6.45pm.. All members welcome