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The sinister features that distinguish a cancer cell from the normal can be linked to what appear to be very small changes in the chemical and mechanical infrastructure of the cell, but the effects are profound and seemingly irreversible. Although these alterations in the chemistry have their epicentre in the cancer itself, they are also to be found in apparently normal cells some distance from the cancer. What is the significance of this ‘field change’ around the cancer? Sometimes the change is a recognizable function of the cell, a reversion to a foetal state or cell division that has become fixed in the ‘on’ position. What we don’t know is if these chemical alterations in and around the cancer are the cause of the disease or secondary to some other factor. In this lecture I will look at some of these chemical changes and their possible significance when they occur in cell types other than the one from which the cancer has originated. In addition, small changes in the chemistry of the drugs  we use to treat cancer can have a profound and beneficial influence on treatment.

5 October 2011 Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

Small Changes: Major Differences

Professor Chris Wood MB BS MD FRCSEd       

Entrepreneur, Honorary Professor Imperial College