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Drug Discovery: from the Lab to Wall Street (and to Patients)

Professor Chris McGuigan BSc PhD

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Cardiff University


Drug discovery is a very long and tortuous process. This process will be described with reference to the speaker's direct experience in the development of new experimental treatments for viral infections, cancer, and arthritis. At the time of writing the McGuigan lab have a new agent for shingles and a promising new drug for hepatitis C virus, both in phase 2 human trials, and a new agent for pancreatic cancer about to enter human trials. All 3 were discovered in our labs in Cardiff. One of these agents was recently bought out by Bristol Myers Squibb for a record breaking $2.5 bn; the science behind this deal will be described. Studies further back in the pipeline, such as the lab's work on arthritis, will be described, with an overview of the challenges and opportunities for future work in drug discovery within academia and beyond.

23rd January 2013

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre
Cardiff University

A new molecule, code-named Cf1743:

the most powerful agent ever against the VZV virus, which causes chickenpox and shingles.