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The Sir Martin Evans Lecture

Sponsored by Cardiff University

Pluripotent Stem Cell Landscapes

Professor Austin Smith BA PhD FRSE FRS

Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council

Stem Cell Research Institute


Pluripotency, the capacity to generate all cell types of the body, lies at the foundation of development in mammals. A small group of pluripotent cells emerge before implantation in the blastocyst. They remain in a naive state only transiently before beginning specification towards different lineages. In 1981, however, scientists discovered that pluripotency could be maintained in cell culture. The resulting embryonic stem (ES) cells can self-renew indefinitely while retaining full differentiation potential and embryonic identity. Study of ES cells over the intervening 30 years has revealed unique molecular features that underlie

pluripotency. These studies have also highlighted profound differences between ES cells from mice and human cell lines. Deeper understanding of ground state pluripotency is therefore needed.

28th November 2012

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre    
Cardiff University

 A drinks reception will be available from 6.45pm

in the Viriamu Jones gallery