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Edward Adrian Wilson, a Junior Doctor and Zoologist on Scott’s first expedition, but Chief of Scientific Staff on the second, was celebrated for the accuracy of his drawings and beautiful evocative paintings of Antarctica. His scientific background gave him some insight into the medical conditions he encountered throughout his career, but his observations were clearly constrained by the medical knowledge of the time.

Isobel Williams will talk about tuberculosis (which had a fatality rate of over 50%), scurvy, that terror for all seamen on long voyages and the survival of a crewman lost in Antarctica for 3 days in blizzard conditions without equipment, food or water in 1902. All five members of the British team died on their return from the Pole. The first to fail was P.O. Evans, who hailed from the Gower. Possible causes of his death will be explored, including the unlikely suggestion (in a Welsh television programme), that he was shot!

With Scott in the Antarctic; Edward Wilson’s Scientific Observations

Dr Isobel Williams MD FRCP DCH


9 th March 2011

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University