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In 1986, a radioactive cloud from Chernobyl contaminated large areas of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and travelled across much of Europe. A quarter of a century later, the health effects of Chernobyl continue to be the cause of scientific and political controversy, with widely conflicting reports on the number of deaths so far due to the accident and the number who may die in the future.

The unique feature of the accident was the exposure of many millions of people to high levels of radiation from isotopes in fallout. This talk will be concerned mainly with the past, present and future health consequences of that exposure, the patho-biological and molecular mechanisms that link the exposure to the consequences, and the lessons that can be learnt.      

The Consequences of Chernobyl: from Human Health to Genetic Mechanisms

 Professor Sir Dillwyn Williams F Med Sci

Thyroid Carcinogenesis Group, Strangeways Research  Laboratory, Cambridge University

26 th January 2011

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University