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Cosmic dust has a huge impact on our view of the Universe, yet its origin is still a mystery. Massive stars, which live fast and die young, culminating in an explosion (supernovae), could provide a rapid source of dust grains and explain the dusty galaxies seen in the early Universe.  Our observations which detected heat directly from cool dust suggest

Smoking Supernovae: the controversy over the origin of cosmic dust

Dr Haley Gomez  BSc PhD

School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff  University

(Open to members of Cardiff Astronomical Society)

23 rd February 2011    (Lecture postponed from 15 th December)

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

 that supernovae are indeed prolific dust factories.  Here, we discuss some alternative explanations including "weird" dust, which led to the first 3-D image of a supernova and the largest polarized dust signal ever detected.  This research provides a tantalizing glimpse into the formation of the first solid particles in the Universe.