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Chocolate Myths and Facts: How Good is it for You?

Professor John Harwood PhD DSc

School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Touchdown on Titan

(Joint Lecture with Cardiff Astronomical Society)

Professor John C. Zarnecki CPhys FRAS

Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute, The Open University

Information Technology Futures

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture
(Joint Lecture with Cardiff University)**

Dr David Grant CBE FREng FlEE

Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University

Animal Intelligence

Professor John M. Pearce DPhil FRS

School of Psychology, Cardiff University

Life on Chips

Professor Paul J. Smith BSc PhD

Professor of Cancer Biology, Cardiff University

All Things Bright and Beautiful: Learning Optics in Nature's Classroom

(Joint Lecture with the Institute of Physics)

Dr Peter Vukusic BSc MSc PhD DIC

School of Physics, Exeter University

Early Origins of Psychiatric Disorder & Behaviour: Life in the Womb & the effect of Genes

Professor Anita Thapar PhD

Department of Psychological Medicine, Cardiff University

New Light on Old Masters: Using different wavelengths to explore the materials and structure of easel paintings

Kate Lowry BA ACR

Head of Art Conservation, National Museum Wales

Hypoxic Homer and his Incredible Pea-Brain

Professor Damien Miles Bailey BSc PhD

Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, University of Glamorgan

Little or Large? Nature Reserves for the Future

Dr Madeleine Havard BSc PhD

Chief Executive, Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Earth's Fiery Future

Professor Bill McGuire

Director, Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre, London

The God Particle

Professor Jim AI-Khalili BSc PhD CPhys FlnstP

Professor of Public Engagement in Science, Department of Physics, University of Surrey

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