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How is the brain wired up? What does it do? What happens when it goes wrong? 
To answer these questions, we need to probe the brain at different scales – from the neurotransmitter level, through the microstructure, to the macrostructural level.  We need to identify where the brain processes different pieces of information – and the time course of those activations. Unlike the great anatomists of yesteryear, however, we cannot resort to saws and scalpels to extract this information from our average volunteer. So, what tools do we use? Good old electricity and magnetism!
This talk will introduce new methods being developed to map the human brain at CUBRIC in the School of Psychology, Cardiff University and illustrate some of the things we’ve learned.

3rd March 2010 Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

Recent Advances in Mapping the Human Brain

Professor Derek K. Jones BSc PhD Dip.IPSM

MRI Director, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre