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The mission statement of the National Botanic Garden of Wales is to: develop a viable world-class national botanic garden dedicated to the research and conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable utilisation, to lifelong learning and to the enjoyment of the visitor. My role within this is to develop the garden’s conservation and research programme, concentrating at first on the Welsh flora.

I will tell you about the first two years of developing this programme and some of the projects we are working on. For plant species, this includes our Rare Welsh Plants Project, working on some of Wales’ most threatened plants and our work DNA barcoding the Welsh flora. At the habitat level, conservation is focused around our National Nature Reserve, next to the botanic garden.

20th January 2010 Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

Towards a Sustainable Future

Dr Natasha de Vere BA MSc PhD

Head of Conservation & Research, The National Botanic Garden of Wales