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Cleaning the Air we Breathe – Controlling Emissions from Passenger Cars

Dr Martyn Twigg

Creative Value Engineering of Bridges and Buildings

Mr Tim Lucas,

Smoking Supernovae: the controversy over the origin of cosmic dust

Dr Haley Gomez,
(with Cardiff Astronomical Society)

Lasers: Principles, Progress and People

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture (Joint Lecture with Cardiff University)
Prof. Peter Blood

Two Darwins for the price of one

Prof. Anthony K. Campbell

Hypoxic Homer and his incredible Pea - Brain

Prof. Damian Miles Bailey

Supporting Olympic Athletes – a Behind the Scenes Perspective
Dr Nicola Phillips

Postponed to Feb 10th

Towards a Sustainable Future

Dr Natasha de Vere

The Genetics underlying late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Prof. Julie Williams

A New View of Seafloor Spreading at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Prof Chris MacLeod

Recent Advances in Mapping the Human Brain

Prof. Derek K. Jones

Txt Crimes, Sex Crimes and Murder – the Emerging Science of Forensic Linguistics

Dr Tim Grant

Cardiff Scientific Society AGM

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