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We have recently discovered that a large family of proteins engaged in immune function is also involved in wiring up the nervous system. These proteins regulate axon growth in a variety of surprising ways that complement, extend and challenge current theory

School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Professor Alun Davies FRS, FLSW

A drinks reception will be available from 6.45pm

1st October 2014

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre
Cardiff University

Wiring up the Nervous System: New Players from the Immune System

The Sir Martin Evans Lecture

Cultured nerve cell extending processes

7 Oct Reconstructing ancient conflagration: the interface between archaeology and forensic fire investigation

 Dr Karl Harrison – Cranfield University

 Burnt buildings are ubiquitous in the archaeological record and have been for as long as humans have built structures; they also permeate ancient history and literature, from Troy to Rome. Only recently have archaeologists attempted to understand the nature of these fires by using forensic investigation techniques to attempt to unpick the accidental from the deliberate from the malicious. This presentation will present the research as it stands currently.