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Small Changes: Major Differences

Prof Chris Wood MB BS MD FRCSEd

People, Plants and Genes. The Story of Crops and Humanity

Prof. Denis J. Murphy BSc DPhil

The Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan and future outer planetary missions

(Open to Cardiff Astron. Soc.)
Prof. Michele Dougherty

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere, and None you can Trust – Not Yet!
Prof. Harold Thimbleby Hon FRSA

The Art and Science of Endocrine Surgery

Prof. Malcolm H. Wheeler MD FRCS

Modelling Chemistry; the Computational Revolution

Prof. Peter J. Knowles MA PhD

The Psychology of Climate Change: How can we involve the public?

Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh PhD

The Newport Medieval Ship

Mr Nigel Nayling FSA MIFA

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture (Sponsored by Cardiff University)  

Alcohol and Violence

Prof. Jonathan Shepherd CBE FMedSci

Cardiff Scientific Society AGM

Phoenix from the Ashes: the Origin of the Chemical Elements

Prof. Mike Edmunds MA PhD FRAS FInstP

Good Vibrations: Shedding New Light on Cells with Label-free Optical Microscopy

Dr Paola Borri MSc PhD

The Sir Martin Evans Lecture

(Sponsored by Cardiff University)   

Nuclear Reprogramming by Eggs and Oocytes
Prof  Sir John Gurdon FRS

2011-12 programme