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Catalysis by Gold

Prof. Graham Hutchings FRS

The Science of Common Things
Dr Melanie Keene MA MPhil PhD (Cantab)

The Sir Martin Evans Lecture

(Sponsored by Cardiff University)   

Mice, Men and Medicine

Prof Sir Martin Evans FRS,
Nobel Laureate 2007

The 300 Million Years War: How Plants Use Their  Weapons to See Off Everything from Dinosaurs to Caterpillars

Prof. Susan Hartley BA DPhil

Rock Climbers: Human Flies Defying Gravity
John L. Harwood PhD DSc

Smoking Supernovae:

Postponed to 23rd February 2011

Drug Discovery: Stumbling and Sometimes Finding. The Story of Cf1743

Prof. Chris McGuigan BSc PhD

The Consequences of Chernobyl: from Human Health to Genetic Mechanisms

Prof.Sir Dillwin Williams F Med Sci

Below the Salt: Salt Miners from Ancient Iran

Prof. A Mark Pollard MRSC CChem FSA

The Lord Phillips Memorial Lecture (Sponsored by Cardiff University)  

Jet Streams in Weather and Climate

Prof. Sir Brian Hoskins CBE FRS

With Scott in the Antarctic; Edward Wilson’s Scientific Observations

Dr.Isobel Williams MD FRCP DCH

The Colour of Fossil Birds and Dinosaurs from China

Prof. Mike Benton PhD

Cardiff Scientific Society AGM

Smoking Supernovae: the Controversy over the Origin Of Cosmic Dust

(Open to Cardiff Astron. Soc.)
Dr Haley Gomez BSc PhD

2010-11 programme