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Some Queues I’ve Enjoyed…

Professor Jeff Griffiths FRCP FRSM

Professor of Operational Research, School of Mathematics,

Cardiff University


Queueing is part of our everyday experiences – we queue at banks, supermarkets, cafes, traffic lights, etc. Queueing theory is a well-established methodology, dating from the early 1900s, but the subject area now has wider application than our usual picture of customers waiting for service. This talk is motivated by a lifelong interest in the analysis of a wide variety of queueing systems, with the overall aim of reducing the drudgery of waiting in line. So, from where does the enjoyment come?  In many cases, the work has resulted in important changes to queueing processes, leading to improvements in quality of life, major financial savings, etc.

3rd October 2012

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre
Cardiff University