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I shall describe how alcohol and products of alcohol and fatty acids evoke excessive calcium release from intracellular stores in the pancreas thereby initiating pancreatitis, a human disease in which the pancreas digests itself and its surroundings. I shall demonstrate how my MRC Research Group has

13th November 2013

Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre
Cardiff University

Director of Biosciences
Cardiff University
Cardiff School of Biosciences, The Sir Martin Evans Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX

Professor Ole Petersen CBE FRS

CRACking pancreatitis: understanding and treating an enigmatic disease

held In conjunction with The Learned Society of Wales

(This lecture replaces the one advertised in the printed programme)

discovered and defined the intracellular receptor mechanisms responsible for alcohol-related pancreatitis and finally show very recently published evidence indicating how this disease might be treated in the future.

 In acute pancreatitis, a largely untreatable disease, the exocrine cells of the pancreas—whose role is to manufacture enzymes that are normally mixed with bile from the liver to digest dietary proteins and fats—malfunction and digest themselves and surrounding tissue