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Lectures are held in the Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Main building, Cardiff University

Lectures (members only) commence at 7 pm and last approx 1 hour

Membership can be bought online, by post and at the door!

The society is a members only, non-profit making organisation that retains the aims set out when it was founded in 1926

“By Lectures, Demonstrations, etc, of a popular nature, to extend interest in the application of Science to everyday life”

The atmosphere is informal and friendly with fortnightly audiences of between 75-200 people.

Click on the “Join” tab above for information on how to join.


5 October : Professor Steve Furber

Building Brains

19 October Darren Williams (Kings) Watching neuron trees grow in fruit flies

26 Oct Jehane Ragai (American University in Cairo) – Forgery  in art

2 Nov:  Rob Pepperell (Cardiff Met)

Human vision/perception in context of art

30 Nov Andrew Gunning Geoengineering

14 Dec Val O’Donnell (Cardiff) – Chewing the fat of inflammation


11 Jan  Ken Harris (Cardiff)

25 Jan Jenny Pike (Cardiff)
Historical climate change from Antarctic records

8 Feb Paul Harper (Cardiff)

Maths Saves Lives

22 Feb Rob Shave (Cardiff Met)

Impact of exercise on human heart

8 March Rudolf Allemann (Cardiff) Presidential Lecture

15 March  AGM

22 March Kathy Willis (Oxford/Kew)

Biodiversity and Climate Change

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Please note: new start time of 7 pm for all lectures